Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Geek of the Week: Jott

My husband introduced me to a new service called Jott. Jott is a call-in service that converts your voice to e-mail, text messages, notes to self, lists, and appointments. It's pretty sweet, especially for someone who hates texting like me.

How does it work? After setting up an account, you add people to your contacts (e-mail and phone). Then you can call Jott, leave a recording for someone, and it sends them a text and an e-mail. You can also send yourself reminders for specific times (like a wake-up call), and make lists.

Even cooler? You can use it with Twitter, Blogger, and all sorts of other cool things I'm going to blog about later.

The only downside, it doesn't always perfectly transcribe your voice. However, you can spell things out for it to cut down on errors.

For example, I Jotted Tony, "Please pick up YoBaby."

He received, "Please pick up your baby."

All in all, it's pretty cool. It's perfect for someone like Tony who is out and about all of the time.


femputer said...

This sounds cool! :D And "yobaby" cracks me up. lol

Lauren said...

p.s. I also Jotted this:

"I just bought steak."

It got sent as:

"I just take (?)"

femputer said...

lol what a flattering transcription. ;)