Sunday, January 6, 2008

Totally Digging: CorePower Yoga On Demand

I've been practicing yoga since 1997 (10 years! wow.), but have had a harder time keeping my regular practice since Hal was born in 2005.

Enter CorePower Yoga. CPY first opened studios in Denver, and has since opened studios throughout the US. Their signature class is a vinyasa practice emphasizing core strength, balance and flow and is performed in a heated environment (not Bikram hot, though!).

They have also introduced CorePower Yoga On Demand. It's an online subscription (subscriptions begin at $14.95/month) to a library of over 50 online streaming Yoga practice videos, taught by many of their celebrated instructors.

What works great for me? The practices are challenging, and they vary in length from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. I can do a really challenging 20 minute advanced (but short) vinyasa in the AM, and then another more calming practice in the evening. Hal can tolerate my lack of attention for 20 minutes. He's even begun to shout encouragements. "Perfect! You did it!"

I love that little baby.


Heather said...

Woah - this is so cool! I'm totally going to check it out. I did yoga for years before Moses was born but haven't been able to get back into it. Heaven knows my core could use some work. :) Thanks for the info!

Karen said...

Brian and I drove by one of their studios the other day and both of us were trying to figure out what Co-Repower was. Seriously. We did finally figure out that it was, in fact, COREpower. Duh!
Does Hal still do yoga with you? I love it that he knows how to do downward dog!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL--I am just imagining Hal over shouting encouragement to you :o)
What a sweety!

Thanks for the sweet comments and well wishes (yes, I am finally getting around to reading and answering my blog--shame on me!)

Have a great day!
Smiles, Karen