Monday, January 7, 2008

A Good Idea

We have a small file box containing all of our really important documents that we can just grab and go in case of an emergency. As it so happens, we had just such an emergency today. I was glad to be prepared. You should be, too.

There was a really strong smell of smoke in our apartment. Upon investigating, I found it was coming from an apartment two doors down from us. I couldn't get in touch with our apartment manager, so I decided we would leave the building quickly, then call 911. I got Hal up from his nap, said we were playing a fun game to see how fast we could get his jacket and shoes on, grabbed the box and my wallet, and were just headed out the door when we ran into our manager. Someone had left something on the stove, but they had the "not quite a fire" under control.

Phew. That was scary.

Now we need to get a safe deposit box!

P.S. You know how "they" tell you to stuff wet towels around the door to keep out smoke? It works!


thebigtrip said...

Nicely done, mom. Good nose and glad all is well!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Wow, glad you were prepared and that everything turned out all right. We have been asked to prepare 72 hour kits in case of emergency. I have yet to do it but many have. Theoretically you could function, stay warm, eat and have warm clothes for three days.

You were great to say that to your son so he wouldn't panic. You have a clear head. I would have probably yelled "Out! Fire! Go!" All one syllable words, you notice. So articulate, I am.

Heather said...

Genius!!! I am so going to do this. I'm totally not prepared for anything bad. And you're such a great mom to tell Hal you were playing a game - so level headed of you. :)

sweetbeans said...

I was totally freaking out inside! I could tell we had time to get out, though. Scary!

You know what else worked really well? I used to be totally scatterbrained about my keys/wallet/etc., but now we have a hanging/box thing right by the door, and I always put my stuff there now. It really came in handy.