Saturday, December 22, 2007

Krafting with Karen

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My friend Karen joined me for some crafting fun last weekend. We worked on these adorable little key chains using a tutorial I bought from Magda at Craft Pudding (wow! I love that shop!).

Karen volunteers as a mentor to young women in her church, and had wanted to make a personalized key chain for each girl. Unfortunately, we had serious issues threading our needles. Sheesh! She wound up keeping the one key chain that she finished. It featured the initial "M," which we decided stands for: ME!!!

Umm, also (too, in addition, as well as), she stabbed herself in the elbow with a needle. Ouch.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! I will be back on Jan. 2 (if not before) with a recap of the Met Opera's Hansel and Gretel!


Diane said...

Love the keychains!

Please explain how on earth one stabs themself in the *elbow* with a needle! I'm having trouble imagining what circumstances take place while sewing to accomplish it, lol.

Heather said...

Super cute keychains! Merry Christmas Lauren!