Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well, this morning, my manly husband Tony is lugging two bags of Sweet Bean's to a meeting with the North Branch (MN) Area Chamber of Commerce. He'll give them away as door prizes. He's pretty great.

So far, the marketing strategy at Sweet Bean's has been pretty simple: let people know we exist! We have family members near and far handing out free samples, and I've been sending free samples to fellow Etsians. I know that once people actually try it, it will become their drug of choice, so to speak. It's really that fantastic.

We also have our fingers crossed about getting Sweet Bean's reviewed on some prominent blogs. We've sent some to Mighty Junior, an offshoot of the very popular Mighty Goods. We've also been in contact with Cool Mom Picks. Keep your fingers crossed for us. A review on either would be a big coup for us.

We also have a very exciting ad "campaign" coming up. More later...

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh!!! What a sweet post-thank you so much! Heck, after all that, I want to shop from myself *grin*
Your post must have worked because I have sold that little needlebook today!

Thanks again, you are very nice. Go Minnesota! And good luck with your shop :o)

Smiles, Karen