Thursday, November 15, 2007

Advertising Experiment: We're on a Showcase!

Etsy has a unique co-operative advertising mechanism called a "Showcase." Shops pay a fee ($15/day) to be featured (along with 35 other sellers) in a showcase that is easily linked from Etsy's homepage. It's a seemingly easy way to get a little bit more visibility on such a vast site.

For a smaller fee ($7/day), a seller can buy a category showcase. This is a mini-showcase (25 sellers) that pops up when a buyer clicks on a particular category (like "jewelry"). Until very recently, these categories were limited to jewelry, art, and bags and purses.

Well, Sweet Bean's is being featured in a new children's category showcase today (well, Thursday)!!!! I will be tabulating the number of views and (fingers crossed) purchases we receive as a result of the $7 spent. As an added incentive, we will be offering 10% off the product price as a Showcase Special.

I'll update you all on the results tomorrow!

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Good luck! I participated in a showcase earlier in the year (the regular one, this was before the category ones were available). It did bring a bit of new traffic to the shop, but sadly no sales at that time. I hope you have better results than I.

I have to add, all advertising helps, even if I didn't get a buyer that day, who knows who added me to their fav list and came back another day, or told someone else, etc. Right?!
Smiles, Karen