Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hal can always count on Grannie and Grandpa to fix him pancakes when we visit. This past week, Grannie made super-special pancakes with this new pan from Nordic Ware:

Cute! It brought back days of when my mom used to make smiley face and puppy pancakes (free hand!) for me.

It was challenging to flip them:

But definitely worth the effort:

Hi, Lion!

For other pretty Nordic Ware things, check out this post...lovely rose pound cakes!


Tizzalicious said...

Food with faces is always fantastic!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

I must have that pan!!! That is darling and it totally beats my lame-o Mickey Mouse pancakes!

Paper Girl Productions said...

aww..those are awesome! I want pancake faces now! I need one of those pans!

femputer said...

Those are so adorable. :D

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

These are super cute. I wanna get me some.