Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CSA Share: Week 2

Week two is here!

WEI is a new CSA farm for us this year. We/I missed the order deadline for our old farm...oops. Anyway, they have a pretty big operation, and deliver to many sites throughout the Twin Cities. The best part, our drop site is really close to us, AND nearby a different "fun park" where we can explore. It makes our Sunday mornings a special treat. Sunday AM has always been my favorite time of the week.

In the box this week (clockwise from top center):

  1. Kohlrabi. I've been putting matchstick slices into our salads. Kinda tastes like broccoli.
  2. Garlic scapes!!!!!! These are the top of the garlic plant that is removed in order to direct more nutrients/energy into the bulb. Use it just like garlic...it's flavor is really mild and delicious.
  3. Lettuce.
  4. Green and red onions.
  5. Strawberries!!!!!
  6. Kale. I love to serve this sauteed with garlic as a side dish with black beans (good idea from my Brasil-travelling brother).
  7. A basil plant. Our entire garden consists of this lonely basil plant.
We are "splitting" our share with my folks, which means, basically, that we get almost everything because my mom and dad are very nice to us. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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brightmyer said...

Kohlrabi - I love kohlrabi! Hi - I'm new to your site, compliments of AllMediocre.