Thursday, May 8, 2008

Picks of the Week

  1. Lovely post by Dooce on blogging and motherhood.
  2. I loved the Brazen Careerist. Check out this post from author Penelope Trunk's blog on starting a blog.
  3. Finally, check out this clip from the Today show on Blogging Mama. It features some great and successful women bloggers.

1 comment:

femputer said...

Dooce's post is very thought provoking. I'm pretty private about pictures of people. (Maybe someday I'll post about why that is! lol) But she makes a compelling argument comparing it to being seen by strangers at the grocery store. :) I'm so fascinated by the way the internet tests the boundaries of our concepts of privacy. It seems to create a backlash of privacy obsession. lol