Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Away for a bit, and a Good Idea

Hello, friends!

I'm off working on another blog with my husband, and will be concentrating on that for a bit (too much computer = blurry-eyed Lauren).

In the meantime, here is my Good Idea. Take all of your old electronics, cell phones, lithium batteries, compact fluorescents, etc. to your local recycling center. We did this on Saturday, and it was such a trip, and totally FREE! We just drove up to our local Hennepin County recycling center, showed my I.D., drove into the warehouse, dumped our stuff, and drove out. It was a total breeze!

Come check out our new blog! We've started posting, but no design as of yet.


femputer said...

Cool new blog!

As for recycling electronics, I really need to do that. I've been saving up old computer monitors etc. for my entire life. :D

PunditMom said...

Oh, another opera buff! ;)