Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, I've been blabbing so much about that Eugene Onegin broadcast. Here is the final scene.

Sigh. Did you know this performance is now available on video?


Tony said...

Damn!! That's beautiful.

sweetbeans said...

Seriously! Can we buy this, honey, and listen to it every night?


Karen said...

And then can I come over and watch it too???? Every night????
I can be on "Hal's Big Boy Bed Guard Duty"

ps -- Uuuuuuhhhh what the heck does the Y stand for? Yargaret?
pps -- I want to hear EVERYTHING about your visit with Emma. Don't forget to take notes!
ppps -- I miss you friend!

sweetbeans said...

LYB=Love you, Bye in Tony/Lauren speak