Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hooray! I got tagged by Heather. That means I get to share 7 random things about myself, and tag 7 others. Here goes:

1. My first job was de-tassling corn. Other jobs I've had include: working in my dad's pharmacy, lifeguard, TA, laboratory technician, opera singer, voice teacher, Starbucks store manager. I'd love to work for Aveda corp. as a cosmetic chemist.

2. I really, really, really, really hate making phone calls and/or answering the phone (no matter who it is).

3. I've been to the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, England, Scotland, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina.

4. My husband and I got engaged after dating for 2 days.

5. My favorite dessert is any kind of fruit crisp.

6. I think I could have been a great: modern dancer, hockey player, movie actress (I'm good at crying on command!).

7. Today is my birthday! I have received the following gifts: this cute jacket from Garnet Hill, a gift certificate to Juut, the 2-disc deluxe edition of Pride and Prejudice (it includes the motion picture soundtrack, too!!!!!!---thank you, Honey!).

I am tagging: Karen! Sorry, I don't know seven people...I'm very shy.


Heather said...

Love all the fun facts! I too have a crazy fear of talking on phones ... which is weird because I was a receptionist through college. Happy Birthday!

thebigtrip said...

I had no idea about number 2! Happy day to you.