Sunday, November 18, 2007

Buy Handmade Pledge: Cavendish Soapworks

I've started my Christmas shopping! One of my favorite Etsy shops to frequent is Cavendish Soapworks, makers of gorgeous cold processed soaps, lovely lip balm, and fragrant soy candles. Seller Kathleen hails from Prince Edward Island, and has this to say about her craft:

"Several years ago while searching for a more natural remedy for my mild case of psoriasis I stumbled upon handmade soap. My craftaholic self started making and using my own soap and I was hooked. Wanting to share with everyone else led me to lots of research, experimentation and fun. It's been the perfect creative outlet for me."

What I love best about Kathleen's work is her amazing attention to detail, like in the edges of her Honey Oatmeal Cold Process Soap pictured above. Gorgeous. And the ingredients are to die for: palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, sunflower oil, shea butter, honey, oats, Tussah silk. Silk? Wow. Also check out this, and this and this.

Thank you for sharing your shop with us today, Kathleen!

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Karen said...

Hahaha! Hey guess what?! I have a blog -- I'm just a total writing hack...
Love this blog though - you're so good at finding cute and creative things on the internet.
Miss you and love your guts!