Sunday, November 25, 2007

Buy Handmade: Jenna Lou Designs

In many respects, I am fuss-free. When I leave the house, I don't like to carry anything I don't desperately need. Going to Trader Joe's, I bring: Hal (in a really cute sling from Zolowear), keys, one credit card, and my ID. No, I don't wear a jacket. Yes, I live in Minnesota. Sometimes I wear a scarf.

Now, I have never met Jenna of Jenna Lou Designs, but I can tell she is a gal after my own heart. She's also very talented. Check this out:

This is her own design the "Girl's Best Friend Wallet," which I kind of love. All of her work features gorgeous, colorful and fun fabric like the pink coriander pictured above. You can view all of her fabric choices for custom work here.

Most recently, Jenna has written a pattern for her lovely Fiona handbag.

From her blog: "It was a quite interesting process. As a designer you only have to think for yourself. You know your limits and you know what you are good at, but as a pattern writer you really begin to look at how other people sew. At how your techniques will be received by beginner, intermediate, and advanced sewers. It has really opened up my eyes. And not only to sewing, but also to photography and graphic design and dealing with printers and ordering all the little things that will bring it together and on and on and on (I've learned SO much). It has been a truly amazing experience and if all goes well with this first pattern I will be planning many many more to share with you in the future."

Like I said, she's talented. In the near future, Jenna will be writing more patterns, beginning with her wildly popular "Girl's Best Friend Wallet."

Thank you, Jenna Lou, for sharing your work with us today!

Remember to Buy Handmade...especially remember to buy me one of Jenna's "Pocket Pal Wallets."

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Glorious Hats said...

Neat article. Great idea to offer patterns as well as finished product. Love the style of Jenn's bags and wallets.